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Need a copy of the CHEPA field trip list?
Contact Tawnya Crow at [email protected] or 734-369-2039.

Field Trips

Chepa will provide field trip opportunities that appeal to a broad set of ages and learners.  We will continue to offer and advertise member-initiated field trips and encourage small groups to plan one or two field trips throughout the year that would appeal to their children.  This will ensure field trips that cover the wide spectrum of diversity found in the homeschooling  population. Priority for field trip sign up will be given first to those attending the monthly meetings, and then to newsletter subscribers.  Any remaining openings are advertised to the larger homeschool community through the Yahoo Group. This priority system allows those most involved in CHEPA to benefit from their involvement.

Special Events

Special events are planned by members.  In addition to offering the traditional special events like the Spelling Bee, small groups are encouraged to host one special event throughout the year.  By having small groups participate in this way, we will provide a diverse offering of events appealing to a wide range of students and families.

Field Trip 101:  Planning a Field Trip

At first glance, planning a field trip may seem daunting – but it’s not! 
Here are a few steps to help with the planning process.

Step 1:  Choose a Location
Need ideas?  Take a look at the CHEPA field trip list.  From ancient history to modern science, art, music or sports – there are field trips for any area of interest.  You can also go online for to find ideas at:

Step 2:  Check the Website
Websites are a helpful starting point and provide much of the information needed to plan a field trip.  Look for headings such as “Education/Learn/Programs/Group Tours/Field Trips”.  
Step 3:  Call and Schedule
Before calling, choose some tentative dates/times and make a list of unanswered questions.  You are now ready to schedule your field trip!

Step 4:  Announce in the CHEPA Newsletter
Contact Tawnya Crow at [email protected] to add your field trip to the calendar.  Then send your field trip details to Cheri Pelic at [email protected] for inclusion in the newsletter. 

Field Trip Questions
 Below is a list of questions to remember when planning a field trip:

What dates & times are available?
What is the cost per person (adults & children)?
When is the payment due?
What is the minimum/maximum # of people?
What ages/grades are appropriate?

Have more questions?  Need a copy of the CHEPA field trip list?
Contact Tawnya Crow at [email protected] or 734-369-2039.